Craniosacral Therapy (24 hours)

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle touch, energetic, and holistic modality addressing the whole person and their overall health and wellness.

Craniosacral Therapy

The body’s craniosacral system consists of the dura mater membrane that encases the brain, travels out the foramen magnum, which is the opening at the base of the skull, and further surrounds the spinal cord, and secures the sacrum. Its production and re-absorption of spinal fluid causes a subtle internal-external rotation of all paired bones, creating a pulse separate from heart rate and respiration. The rhythm of this subtle movement can be palpated through out the entire body.

Affecting nearly every aspect of the central nervous system, balancing the craniosacral system achieves profound relaxation and provides a deep sense of wellbeing.

This course addresses how Craniosacral Therapy benefits both passive and active aspects of the person and positively influences every aspect of the client’s life:

  • Reduced flight or fight override through enhanced balance of the nervous system
  • Improved function of the central nervous system aiding all other body systems
  • Increased somatic awareness and overall relaxation
  • Enhanced relation of musculoskeletal and nervous system for better functionality
  • Enabling greater ROM (range of motion), mobility and strength for activity
  • Support of trauma and PTSD recovery and optimized self-regulation
  • Physical and emotional pain management
  • Enabled auto-immune functions

The course teaches gentle techniques to facilitate balance in the craniosacral system, allowing for the body to heal itself. You will learn a light-pressure approach, and how to detect, and follow the lead of your client’s body. This non-invasive modality invites the body to naturally unwind, and unravel long held dysfunctions, and restrictions resulting in stress reduction, improved immune response, and increased well-being.

Course objectives are, for participants to:

  • conclusively explain what Craniosacral Therapy is, describe its benefits, and how it can relieve pain, and impact dysfunctions;
  • demonstrate palpation skills for the unique CST pulse;
  • indentify subtle signs of dysfunction as well as improvements via the patterns of the craniosacral rhythm;
  • recognize the signs and symptoms of the fascial system, that web of tissue in contact with every body structure, to localize physical ailments;
  • free up movement along the drual tube (craniosacral system) to improve the central nervous system’s bodily interactions;
  • work with ailments such as TMJ, head & neck pain, and more;
  • develop a simple protocol that can immediately be utilized in your practice.

This 24-hour course includes a professional textbook and handouts with detailed information and useful images. All techniques taught are in alignment with John Upledger’s methods, who developed Craniosacral Therapy in the 1970’s as an offshoot of William Garner Sutherland’s Cranial Osteopathy from the 1930’s.

Prerequisites: By permission