Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) (48 hours)

Shiatsu, literally translated as “finger pressure”, is a Japanese form of bodywork designed to heal and promote health by enhancing the energetic and physical orientation toward working with the body. A naturally flowing organic synergy between point pressure and stretching moves, not only revives the functions of the muscular skeletal system, but also that of all other body systems. The treatment is healthy to perform and extremely pleasurable to receive. Unlike sometimes perceived, Shiatsu is not painful or uncomfortable to receive. In fact our approach aims for the exact opposite and makes this modality quite sought after by clients.

With Shiatsu, pain, stress, and disease are not treated as the enemy; instead they are embraced and as the client is treated as a “whole,” they are released and the brought back into the natural state of health and harmony.

Shiatsu’s development and practice is based on the twelve meridians of oriental medicine. Students will learn and practice how to release, stretch, and ‘tonify’ these meridians, and incorporate the essence of oriental breathing, and chi flow intention into their posture. Students are encouraged to respect the classroom as a “dojo” (place to study the way) and to respect one another.

Students will have ample time to practice the techniques taught under the supervision of the instructor and will be able to perform a complete body Shiatsu by the end of the course.

Part of the teachings also focus on skills to properly promote this technique to clients and integrate it into a successful practice.